Wedding Honeymoon: New York, New York + New England/Canada Cruise!

We’ve officially chosen our honeymoon destination!! :)

After we get married, Mike and I will be heading off to …

New York! New York!  Photo Credit:
New York! New York!
Photo Credit:

New York, New York! :) We’ll be in New York for a few nights, staying right on Time Square, taking in the sights, shows, shopping, & food before getting on board…

The Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship!
New England/Canada Cruise Ship!

A cruise ship for a 7-day New England/Canada cruise! :) Yay!! The cruise hits Halifax, Saint John/Bay of Fundy, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, and then back to New York. We’re super excited because it combines our original idea of wanting to go on a cruise – to an idea we had of wanting to go to the East Coast – to my personal preference of going to a destination where you can go see things and do things as opposed to just majority-of-the-time lazing around on the beach or by the pool (I get bored FAST in those types of trips).

It combines the all-inclusive food aspect of tropical destinations to the lovely, romantic cobblestone, lighthouse, old buildings and ocean aspect of an East Coast destination and throw in the New York aspect… you can’t go wrong. :) We’re especially excited to try our hand at going to an episode taping of The Colbert Report!!! (one of our favourite shows).

We love Stephen Colbert!!
We love Stephen Colbert!!

We have signed up with Farlie Travel for a Honeymoon Gift Registry. (Our profile/page hasn’t been added to their website just yet though).

Farlie Travel Honeymoon Registry
Farlie Travel Honeymoon Registry

And as stated in previous blog posts, we’ll be encouraging guests to contribute to the honeymoon registry in lieu of physical gifts . :)

Overall we are excited our honeymoon plans have been finalized. There was a period of time where I was slightly stressing because I just didn’t know where we were going to go or what we were going to do and was also concerned about the cost. But I’m very happy with this honeymoon plan and I’m excited it’s another to-do that we can cross off the Wedding To-Do List now! Yay!

So have you been to New York? On a cruise? On a specific New England cruise? What did you think?!

– Linda

Wedding Food: Elizabethan Catering Taste Testing Night!

I’m back!! We had put off doing a lot of wedding planning in December because we were in ‘holiday mode’ but now that we’re into the New Year, and the year that our wedding is actually taking place, I am back with a blogging vengeance and we are back full steam ahead with wedding plans!

First things first – I wanted to share about the taste testing event I went to with my mom and Mike’s mom back in November!

(Not the best iPhone photo). Mom, mom-in-law-to-be, and me at the taste testing!
(Not the best iPhone photo). Mom, mom-in-law-to-be, and me at the taste testing!

(Side note: the above photo is a very ugly iPhone photo, my new iPhone takes way better photos…) We’ve chosen Elizabethan Catering as our wedding caterer and they hold two big ‘taste testing’ events each year, once in the spring and once in the wintertime. When they do it, they basically clear out part of their big kitchen and set it up as a dining space! In November, we went to the winter taste testing to get a sample of some of the food that would be served up at our wedding.

Here’s some shots from the night:

Taste Testing Night at Elizabethan Catering!
Taste Testing Night at Elizabethan Catering!
Bacon-wrapped perogies from Elizabethan Catering. YUM!
Bacon-wrapped perogies from Elizabethan Catering. YUM!
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
My taste testing plate.
My taste testing plate.

Overall it was a tasty evening. Some of the dishes we tried included prime rib, chicken chasseur duo ‘supreme,’ hand-cut roasted chicken, cabbage rolls, perogies, (bacon-wrapped perogies!), Swedish meatballs, seasonal vegetables, button mushrooms, various salads and delicious ‘fancy’ desserts!

I was most surprised by how delicious (and cute) the desserts were because I typically don’t eat desserts or sweets but I wanted to sample these and I pretty much devoured them.

Great desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!
Great desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!
Cutest (and super tasty) desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!
Cutest (and super tasty) desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!

Our original wedding menu included perogies but after the taste testing we decided to alter the order to be bacon-wrapped perogies because the ones we tasted that night were so good.

Mike didn’t come to the event because we had originally thought he’d be working out of town for it, but when it turned out he was in town, we didn’t want to drop one of the mothers from the guest list (the taste testing event only allows a total of 3 people in the party).

Our caterer, Elizabethan recently got on Twitter too @ElizCatering! I gave them a few Twitter tips (maybe in the future I can give them more Twitter tips in exchange for a discounted catering fee? Lol just kidding…)

With our big stuff booked (venue, caterer) it’s all downhill from here! Nine more months until the Big Day! Later today, we are meeting with a travel agency to discuss honeymoon destination options along with setting up our honeymoon gift registry. Bridal Fantasy is taking place on Jan. 20 that I’ll be attending with my bridesmaids. I’m going to be ordering my wedding dress online sometime this month and Amanda and Christine – Mike’s sister and her friend who have signed on to help me plan the rest of the wedding – have been tasked with looking up flower companies and options for our wedding flowers.

The ball is rolling!!!!! That’s the latest update. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… but you can expect wedding blog posts to become more consistent now that plans have started up again.

– Linda

Wedding Decorations: Do-it-Yourself: Wooden Centrepieces, Twigs & More!

We are going full-steam ahead with our wooden/burlap/rustic theme and I must thank Pinterest & Etsy for all of my ideas!

The key thing is that Pinterest & Etsy has provided me with a ton of great ideas – but I plan on DIY-ing most of it. The vision – a lot of burlap and a lot of wooden slices/wooden slabs/wooden holders.

I am looking at sliced wood pieces for bases for both the table centrepieces as well as the cake stand.

Rustic wooden centrepieces!

These rustic wooden centrepieces (above) are listed at $59.95 for a set of 5 on Etsy. Talk about expensive!! My first thought is that, come on, how hard can it be to cut down a tree somewhere in the country and make our own slices? I did get some skeptical, questionable remarks when I suggested this to a few people, but when I told Mike – he said it would be no problem!!!

“We’ll cut down a tree out by mom and dad’s place in the summer,” he said. “It’ll be easy.”


Rustic Wooden Cake Stand

The above image is a bit thicker and taller a wooden cake stand than I’d prefer but you get the idea. This one (below) is also very nice, and featuring the more thinly-sliced wood pieces that I prefer.

Rustic Wooden Cake Stand

Mike & I don’t consider the cake part of our wedding to be a big deal. We would be okay with a very tiny cake maybe on top of a piece or two of fake cake for presentation purposes. I honestly care more about the cake stand at this point than the cake itself, lol.

We haven’t decided what exactly we want on top of our wooden sliced centrepiece yet, but I know I want TWIGS! just some green flowers, and perhaps this smaller wooden slice with our initials burned in like in the image below:

Rustic Wooden Centrepiece

I love the look and feel of twigs as a centrepiece though:


There may be a candle or two on the centrepiece itself, but the plan for candles is actually to spread out a number of candles across the table. Our tables at the Old Timers’ Cabin are rectangular and long, not circular and round. So we’ll be placing candles down the table. It will likely be tealight candles, and they will be put in another wooden piece – wooden tealight candle holders!

Similar to the below image, but not as tall:

Wooden Tealight Candle Holders

Now those ones are $29.95 for a set of 12 on Etsy. Which isn’t too bad I suppose, but Mike assures me that we can make these wooden holders ourselves too. I think the sliced wooden centrepieces will be a lot easier, but the candlelight holders will be doable!

Our table runner will be BURLAP! Similar to this image (below). You’ll also notice in the below image there are wooden log pieces as centrepieces as well. I am not sure if we will be going with different shape/heights yet but it’s not an idea we’re turning down at this time – as I think the below picture looks great. (Notice there are also TWIGS!)

Rustic Burlap Table Runner, Twigs and Log Centrepiece

And last (for now) are the burlap chair ties! I am in love with this burlap chair tie look (below) but it may not look exactly the same for us because the chairs at the Old Timers’ Cabin aren’t wooden and aren’t shaped like the image below which means we may have to get white chair covers first and then tie it with burlap.

Rustic Burlap Chair Tie

Love the look!!!!

I really am in love with the rustic, wooden look. This would have been the style I wanted had we done an outdoorsy backyard-like wedding but I think it works even better now in the Old Timers’ Cabin which obviously will work with wooden and rustic since it’s literally a wooden cabin! Add lots and lots and lots of twinkly lights and I think our reception space is going to look beautiful.

We’ll be using these lights (in the below image), just your typical Christmas kind of lights. We won’t be laying it out like this image, I just wanted to include a lights picture to tie all the wood and burlap together. The way the Old Timers’ Cabin is set up, there are wooden logs all over the ceiling so we intend on WRAPPING the lights around the wooden logs. :)


Just lovely. I am really excited. I LOVE the wood, the burlap, the twigs, the candles, the lights. And I love that we’ll be attempting all the wood decorations Do-it-Yourself style. (That will also provide fodder for future wedding blog posts! Ha).

So what do you think of all this wood? Twigs? Tealight candles?

Do you have any suggestions? Tweaks? Have you been a wedding with a similar style? Did you love it?

ALSO I think at this point I should be changing this blog to read ‘Mike & Linda’s Rustic Wedding’ not ‘Royal’ Wedding, although I guess royals could still do rustic weddings, lol.

P.S. You can always follow along with what ideas I’m interested in on my PINTEREST Wedding Board! 

– Linda

Wedding Venue: We’re booked! Edmonton Petroleum Club & Old Timer’s Cabin!

So as discussed in this blog post – we were having some problems with the original venue we had chosen for our wedding (the Mayfield Inn). We had been hopeful that it would still work out with them but it ended up not – and that ended up messing with our originally-proposed July 27, 2013 wedding date. By the time the Mayfield turned into a not-gonna-happen, any July dates (and most summer dates) for 2013 had already been booked at most of our backup choices. So we had to push our wedding date to next October instead of July. But I won’t go into much detail about how disappointed we are with the Mayfield – let’s talk about the positive that came out of it…

As of today, we have officially put our deposits down for a ceremony and a reception space and we can go now go full-steam ahead with wedding plans!

For our ceremony space – we’ve chosen the Edmonton Petroleum Club!

The Edmonton Petroleum Club at 11110 108 Street.

The ceremony will take place in the club’s upper level ‘Rainbow’ room:

The Rainbow Room (upper level) at the Edmonton Petroleum Club.

We will be married in the middle of where those chairs are in the above photo – underneath (what I think) is a very beautiful arched, high ceiling – with lots of light flowing into the room. The above photo is the direction that our guests will be facing/looking. Here’s a side angle:

The Rainbow Room (upper level) at the Edmonton Petroleum Club.

And this photo below is the other half of the Rainbow Room – where the guests will be seated/standing (the cocktail tables won’t be there):

The Rainbow Room (upper level) at the Edmonton Petroleum Club.

Our tentative guest list sits around 150-170 people and the Rainbow Room has more than enough space for that capacity – hooray! We had considered doing our reception at the club as well but one of our biggest wedding factors is the ability to bring in our own alcohol, which the club doesn’t allow – so for our reception we chose the Old Timer’s Cabin!

The Old Timer’s Cabin at 9430 Scona Rd.

One of the original wedding themes that I wanted was a rustic/wooden wedding which would have been scrapped had we gone with the Mayfield – which would definitely have been more ballroom – elegant. The Old Timer’s Cabin definitely brings us back to the rustic/wooden theme!

Inside the Old Timer’s Cabin.

The cabin can hold a maximum of 250 people – which is more than enough. The space is huge. There were already tables set up when we went to check it out. The view in the photo above is the direction the head table will be at – in front of their fire place.

Big wedding reception space at the Old Timer’s Cabin.

The above photo shows the other half of the room – including the back where the stage and dance floor is. In this particular set-up, the tables are covering the square where the dance floor would be. We will be able to set up the tables in a way so that the dance square won’t be covered (so we won’t have to move tables in the middle of the night). I also want to change the table situation where the head table is as well, because I feel since the head table isn’t raised, the tables in front of it need to be spread out more so there’s more focus on the head table. :)

Outside the Old Timer’s Cabin.

The cabin also has a beautiful outside backyard space with a great view of the downtown skyline (well – it would be better if the big trees weren’t in the way, but still visible). It will be a nice place for guests to take a breather and get some fresh air.

We plan on decorating the inside of the Old Timer’s Cabin with lots of twinkly lights and candles so I imagine it will be quite beautiful. :)

Here are a few professional photos I found online from Old Timer’s Cabin weddings courtesy of Nikole Bordato Photography, Shandro Photo and Artistic Moments Photography!

Photo courtesy: Nikole Bordato Photography
Photo courtesy: Nikole Bordato Photography
Photo Courtesy: Shandro Photo
Photo courtesy: Artistic Moments Photography

Just lovely!!! :)

Now that the venues are confirmed, I imagine there will be more regular wedding blog posts to come – as I’m (we’re) in full planning mode now. In the immediate future – caterer meeting next week and dress shopping the week after! Hooray! :)

So what do you think of these venues? Have you been to any of them before?!


Wedding Venue: We chose one but construction may send us back to square one!

The clock is officially ticking down to exactly one year until the wedding day! We’ve selected July 27, 2013 as our wedding date and we basically chose our venue back in January.

Back at that time we had secured the date with the Mayfield Inn. We chose the Mayfield because we felt they offered a lot of lovely and convenient things that we wanted for our special day. They offered an outdoor-style garden indoors – where we wanted to have our ceremony. They had a ballroom space big enough for the amount of guests we were planning on inviting. They offered discounted room rates that would be perfect for our out-of-town guests and guests who would want to stay there after the wedding. They set up and tear down and the price point was pretty fair.

Photo Courtesy:

At that time it was still more than a year and a half until our wedding date so while we were able to put our names down for first dibs on the date, it wasn’t officially secured until at least one year in advance which is when they actually take deposits.

I emailed the Mayfield’s wedding coordinator this week to ask her when we could set up a time to get the ball rolling on official deposits, etc. since the one year away mark was quickly approaching. And that’s when I got the bad news!

Photo Courtesy:

Apparently the Mayfield is planning construction/renovations for 2013 and they’re not sure exactly what the reno sechedule is looking like yet or what section of the hotel would be impacted, but it may or may not affect our booking but Mayfield can’t confirm any bookings until at least the end of August when the renovation/construction schedule comes out officially.

TRAGIC!!!! :(

Now I am almost 100% positive that they wouldn’t do constructions during popular summer wedding season so I feel like if it’s 2013 renovations, it’d be in the early months of the year.

Still … I am very worried.

I felt like we were ahead of the game having secured the date we wanted at the venue we wanted and now, even though it might not affect us, I feel like I have to look into backup options because it just wouldn’t be smart if I didn’t. Now I’m frazzled because there are only four Saturday’s in July and if I had already secured our July date with the Mayfield so far in advance, I imagine other brides-to-be would have done this as well so if we try to switch over to other venues I fear our date will already have been taken. It’s been such a busy week too so I haven’t even had time to look into other venue options except for a quick browse on my phone and that just got me feeling a bit more depressed because I was running into venue issues that I ran into back when I was searching in January!

On the bright side I feel like this is good because maybe we chose the Mayfield too quickly? Maybe this gives us the opportunity to explore more options and find something better. I have always wanted an outdoor wedding but wasn’t thrilled about risking weather, renting tents and setting up so much of it ourselves, but maybe we can take a closer look at the feasibility of the outdoor wedding now that this wrench has been thrown into our venue plans. Lisa, my maid of honour has a backyard big enough to accommodate an outdoor wedding, perhaps we should be seeing if that would work now?

Photo courtesy:

I honestly hope the renovations don’t impact our date but we won’t know for sure until the end of August.

Until then I will look at back up options but I have to say I’m really disappointed that we’ve been sent back to square one for this when we thought we were super ahead of the game!

– Linda

Our Engagement Party!

This is an extremely delayed blog post but now that we’ve nearly reached the one year mark until the wedding, I’d like to start being more consistent with wedding-related blog posts so to do that, I need to catch up!

We had our engagement party on May 26, 2012.

Happy Engagement Party!

 It was lovely! My aunt and uncle flew in from the U.S. to attend the party. We had immediate family, bridal party members and some close friends attend. There was the traditional Vietnamese ceremony in the morning followed by mingling, opening of gifts/cards and eating light snacks before we headed to CHA for Tea Palace to indulge in a ten-course meal.

It was a beautiful day and extra thanks to my mother for organizing!!

– Linda

The Engagement Party: Do’s, Don’ts, Guest List, Etcetera.

It’s been awhile since my last wedding blog post but I wanted to do something before our Engagement Party next weekend!

I thought throwing it in May when our wedding isn’t until next July was a bit too early but according to various webpages that came up in my engagement party Google search, throwing an engagement party a year in advance is the norm for a long engagement! :) Prior to my Google research, I also didn’t know what the do’s and don’ts of engagement parties were. Throw in the Vietnamese tradition aspect of it all and you’ve got a pretty clueless bride and groom. Lucky for us my mom is planning our engagement party and she’s basically got it all planned out for the most part.

First we’ve got the more traditional ceremony to do in the morning.

What I vaguely know of this is that it will include a presentation of “gifts,” speeches and introductions of family members and what we’re all here that day to celebrate, a re-enactment of putting the engagement ring on my finger (sounds kind of awkward, probably will be), and then general social niceties that may or may not include tea. (I think the actual tea drinking may be reserved for the wedding day ceremony). Then we will all go for an early dinner (or late lunch?) at a pre-determined restaurant (in this case it will be a Chinese restaurant where we’ve booked five tables, each table will be served a 10 course Asian-style meal).

Traditional Vietnamese Engagement Party Gifts! (Image shown is from my brother's engagement party in 2009).

That’s basically the plan. I am going to be wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress that was put together by a seamstress (my mom bought the material when she went on a trip to San Jose awhile back). Everyone else will just be wearing nice, formal clothes. My mother has commissioned one of our good friends John to film. I have also asked one of my bridesmaids to film to have some secondary shots (I’ll be putting together the clips for an engagement party video that my mom really wants to send over to our Vietnam relatives). My mother has also asked our good friend Jesse to emcee the event (which might be awkward because we don’t really know what he needs to emcee, lol).

The guest list is basically my immediate family (plus an aunt and uncle who are flying in for the occasion) and Mike’s immediate family, plus the bridal party (their respective girlfriend + boyfriends), and a couple of other close friends. It’s a very limited guest list, which is what actually prompted me to do the Google research on engagement parties in the first place.

We feel really bad excluding some of our friends (and extended family), but if it wasn’t a small gathering then we might as well be paying for a wedding dinner you know? Obviously not everyone is going to get invited to the engagement party and my thoughts of this were confirmed by a few wedding advice websites which said typically engagement parties are just for immediate family and the bridal party.

Here are a few other tips I’ve gathered from various websites on the topic of engagement parties:

  • Everyone who is invited to the engagement party should be invited to the wedding.
    Which is why if you’re unsure about your overall wedding guest list (and obviously things can change if your wedding is not for another year and some!) then it’s best to keep it small/just family.
  • Remember there’s still a wedding to throw, you don’t want to upstage the wedding – try for a different mood or style.
    Which is why we’re doing the reception of the engagement party at a Chinese restaurant. It’s the style my dad wants for our wedding but we’re compromising by doing it for the engagement party because we’d like our wedding to be at a hotel.
  • Come up with a budget and stick to it.
    Thankfully my mom is paying for the engagement party but it’s still quite a hefty price for five tables of 10-course meals, which is also a big reason why you should try and keep the engagement party guest list down to a minimum.
  • Think about specifying whether gifts are welcome or encouraged.
    I personally don’t really want or expect gifts at our engagement party, it feels like too much! The few people who have told us they are getting us gifts we’ve told it’s not necessary, but they still insist so that’s the most pushing we’ll do on that topic. Whatever people want to do! According to Google, you shouldn’t ask people for engagement party gifts but people will typically give you one.
But basically this post was just my way of saying sorry if anyone’s feelings are hurt if they weren’t invited to the engagement party – that’s what the actual wedding is for! :) So have you been to an engagement party before? Any do’s, dont’s, other tips or things to tell me? Reassure me it’s okay that we didn’t invite everyone because obviously that’s what the wedding is for? Lol.

– Linda

Wedding Favours: Two Peas in a Pod!

Since my last post about how important wedding favours are, I’ve been convinced that we should be providing them at our wedding.

That being said I still didn’t want to spend that much money on the favours so I’ve been browsing different do-it-yourself favour ideas and finally came across one that would be extremely inexpensive and oh so cute!

Introducing the “two peas in a pod” wedding favour!

I got the idea off of Martha Stewart Weddings.

The photos they provide on the site are so small it’s hard to see the details but I can picture it perfectly! Basically you would put two round candies (mints or chocolates) together wrapped in green tissue paper and glued to a small piece of cardboard that would be the base. Then you take more green tissue paper and wrap it around the peas and cardboard and twist it at the ends. You attach it to a card with a custom design/lettering/etc. and you’ve got your cute peas in a pod favours! The images pictured show more yellow-y tissue paper than I’d prefer. Imagine it green for our wedding purposes.

We could buy the round mints/candies/chocolates in bulk which wouldn’t cost much at all. Tissue paper and cardboard would be extremely cheap and then I could photoshop the design of the cards and print like eight per page on card stock from Staples or somewhere at a low cost as well. I’d have my bridesmaids sit with me and put it all together one night and then we’ve got ourselves really cute, really cheap wedding favours!!

I love the idea!!

Obviously there’s still a long time to go till the wedding so I may stumble upon other (better?) ideas but so far this is the winner. I may also put extra mints/chocolates on the table so that people can eat those and leave the “peas” alone because if they wanted to keep it as a memory of our wedding it’d be kind of sad looking without the peas, lol.

So what do you think??? :)

– Linda

Wedding Invitation Inspiration!

 I recently came across a wedding planning post on Mashable that included some links to websites featuring wedding invitations! has so far been my favourite – with over 600 invitations that literally put the creative/inspiration sector of my brain in overdrive. (Although I admit I haven’t been searching too hard yet – as the wedding is still over a year away – so I’m sure there’s tons of other sites out there with just as much inspiration available!)

Wedding invitations are something I plan on doing myself (/with my bridal party) because I would say I’m very Adobe Photoshop-savvy and I do believe I have a good design eye. I know what looks good and what doesn’t. I love typography and fonts and nice colour palettes. (My nerd meter is bouncing off the charts right now, isn’t it?!)

Obviously the invites on Minted and other wedding invitation/stationary websites are meant to be ordered but I view them as a resource for me to pluck invite ideas from and re-create myself! I’m planning on getting the stationary for the invites ordered from Stampin’ Up. Mike’s sister’s best friend is getting married this year and she’s also a scrapbooker who has a membership to Stampin’ Up and has offered to help me through the ordering process.

Here are just a few invites from Minted that I love:

Metro Green Line Wedding Invites from
Established Wedding Invitations from
Classic Affair Wedding Invitations from
The Happy Couple Wedding Invitations from
Passing Notes Wedding Invitations from
Simply in Love Wedding Invitations from
Sweet Linen Wedding Invitations from
Simply Love Wedding Invitations from
Broome Street Wedding Invitations from
Cozy Wedding Invitations from

Again, just a select few. Click to view all 621 invitations!

There’s lots to think about it with our wedding invites. Do we want to include a photo or photo(s) of us in it? Blocky letters or more handwritten? Vertical or horizontal? Colour scheme? With the above examples I know for a fact that I could recreate all of them in Photoshop with ease. I had wanted earlier on in the engagement a photobooth-style wedding invitation – now I’m not sure because the examples I’ve seen – while cute – are kind of “busy.” The simple and clean invite look is very appealing! Is it possible for me to print invitations that have some words or letters pop up slightly? (I don’t even know what the correct term for that would be).

So what are your thoughts on wedding invites? Do you love the ones I’ve pointed out as well? Are invites with photos of the bridge and groom better than ones without? Got any other websites you can point me to for more invite inspiration?!

Let me know what you think! :)

– Linda

Wedding Invitations: Custom Photo Postage Stamps!

 Did you know Canada Post offers custom photo stamps?

I didn’t, until Mike’s mama saw it was on an envelope she had received. She looked into it online and found that you can upload a custom photo onto Canada Post’s Picture Postage website and then order them for your use. Seems unnecessary for day-to-day postage but it’s a really cute idea for using on wedding invitations!

Canada Post's Picture Postage

You get the choice of four different styles. It’s a really simple process – upload and crop. I did a test run to see what it would look like:

Testing out Canada Post's Picture Postage

And I have to say it looks really, really cute!

 Pricing-wise you can get a full sheet of 40 stamps for about $40. I put in that we’d need 3 sheets that came out to a total of $120.90 but in reality we’d probably need more than 3 sheets because some of the envelopes we’d be mailing out would require at least two stamps. At 5 sheets it’s about $201.50.

(Click here to see the price list.)

If we’re trying to cut costs, custom photo stamps would definitely be one of the first things cut. While we look adorable in postage stamp form (hehe), $200 is about the max that I’m hoping to spend doing up the actual invitations so to spend that much on stamps alone would be quite the frivolous expense.

Still it is definitely worth noting and definitely worth blogging about! For those without major wedding budget constraints this would be a really great touch to add to your invites.

So have you ever received a wedding invitation (or any piece of mail) with a custom photo stamp? What’d you think? And would you want to have these on the wedding invitations you mail out?

Let me know what you think! :)

– Linda