About Mike and Linda

Mike and I met in the Fall of 2009. We were both enrolled in NAIT’s Radio & Television Broadcasting program (Mike in radio, myself in TV).

To many, our relationship seemed to accelerate at too quickly a pace. For us, it was just right. We fell in love quickly, moved into our first apartment together shortly after, bought our first home and pet together (our precious cat Thor!) in the Spring of 2011, and got engaged just before the year was over.

When you know, you know. And we knew.

It hasn’t been perfect – we’ve had ups and downs, we’ve argued and money is always a downer of a topic, but throughout it all we continued (and continue) to love each other and know that no matter what, we want to be together. Throughout our relationship, people have told us we’ve moved so quickly, how do we know we want to spend the rest of our lives with one another, etcetera. We just know.

It has always felt right.

Mike is my very best friend. He knows everything about me and loves everything about me (even though I can be crazy at times). And I, him.

We’ve been very lucky. Both of our families have been very supportive of our relationship (it took awhile to get my traditional Vietnamese parents on board but they’re good now, lol). And our close friends also see how much we love one another.

We are young and in love and are getting married.


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    Where is the love button? :) Oops, already in use I think.

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