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Wedding Invitation Inspiration!

 I recently came across a wedding planning post on Mashable that included some links to websites featuring wedding invitations! Minted.com has so far been my favourite – with over 600 invitations that literally put the creative/inspiration sector of my brain in overdrive. (Although I admit I haven’t been searching too hard yet – as the wedding is still over a year away – so I’m sure there’s tons of other sites out there with just as much inspiration available!)

Wedding invitations are something I plan on doing myself (/with my bridal party) because I would say I’m very Adobe Photoshop-savvy and I do believe I have a good design eye. I know what looks good and what doesn’t. I love typography and fonts and nice colour palettes. (My nerd meter is bouncing off the charts right now, isn’t it?!)

Obviously the invites on Minted and other wedding invitation/stationary websites are meant to be ordered but I view them as a resource for me to pluck invite ideas from and re-create myself! I’m planning on getting the stationary for the invites ordered from Stampin’ Up. Mike’s sister’s best friend is getting married this year and she’s also a scrapbooker who has a membership to Stampin’ Up and has offered to help me through the ordering process.

Here are just a few invites from Minted that I love:

Metro Green Line Wedding Invites from Minted.com
Established Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
Classic Affair Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
The Happy Couple Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
Passing Notes Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
Simply in Love Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
Sweet Linen Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
Simply Love Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
Broome Street Wedding Invitations from Minted.com
Cozy Wedding Invitations from Minted.com

Again, just a select few. Click to view all 621 invitations!

There’s lots to think about it with our wedding invites. Do we want to include a photo or photo(s) of us in it? Blocky letters or more handwritten? Vertical or horizontal? Colour scheme? With the above examples I know for a fact that I could recreate all of them in Photoshop with ease. I had wanted earlier on in the engagement a photobooth-style wedding invitation – now I’m not sure because the examples I’ve seen – while cute – are kind of “busy.” The simple and clean invite look is very appealing! Is it possible for me to print invitations that have some words or letters pop up slightly? (I don’t even know what the correct term for that would be).

So what are your thoughts on wedding invites? Do you love the ones I’ve pointed out as well? Are invites with photos of the bridge and groom better than ones without? Got any other websites you can point me to for more invite inspiration?!

Let me know what you think! :)

– Linda

Wedding Invitations: Custom Photo Postage Stamps!

 Did you know Canada Post offers custom photo stamps?

I didn’t, until Mike’s mama saw it was on an envelope she had received. She looked into it online and found that you can upload a custom photo onto Canada Post’s Picture Postage website and then order them for your use. Seems unnecessary for day-to-day postage but it’s a really cute idea for using on wedding invitations!

Canada Post's Picture Postage

You get the choice of four different styles. It’s a really simple process – upload and crop. I did a test run to see what it would look like:

Testing out Canada Post's Picture Postage

And I have to say it looks really, really cute!

 Pricing-wise you can get a full sheet of 40 stamps for about $40. I put in that we’d need 3 sheets that came out to a total of $120.90 but in reality we’d probably need more than 3 sheets because some of the envelopes we’d be mailing out would require at least two stamps. At 5 sheets it’s about $201.50.

(Click here to see the price list.)

If we’re trying to cut costs, custom photo stamps would definitely be one of the first things cut. While we look adorable in postage stamp form (hehe), $200 is about the max that I’m hoping to spend doing up the actual invitations so to spend that much on stamps alone would be quite the frivolous expense.

Still it is definitely worth noting and definitely worth blogging about! For those without major wedding budget constraints this would be a really great touch to add to your invites.

So have you ever received a wedding invitation (or any piece of mail) with a custom photo stamp? What’d you think? And would you want to have these on the wedding invitations you mail out?

Let me know what you think! :)

– Linda