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How we became engaged!

I thought it was funny after Mike and I got engaged, when everyone asked for “all of the details” of how he proposed because it’s not like it’s a long story!

It was quick, it was simple, but it was perfect.

On Christmas Eve, Mike and I were headed out of the city to spend Christmas weekend with his family. (Note: We had already celebrated Christmas with my family earlier in the week). We had to stop in Spruce Grove to pick up some bread for Mike’s Aunt’s spinach dip. I wasn’t really paying attention to the drive so it was a surprise when the car stopped, I looked up, and there were lit-up Christmas trees and people ice skating in front of me!

It was very cute! We hadn’t gotten a chance to check out the lights at Candy Cane Lane yet so Mike said this was to make up for that. We walked around the park, talking and taking pictures with the pretty trees, including this one:

There was one part that actually felt like it was out of a Christmas Tim Hortons commercial. People were skating and some were crowded around a bonfire. Then there was another group who were standing and sitting around a bench, pouring hot chocolate out of a big thermos with a Tim Hortons logo on it, lol!

More walking and then we started to head back to the car (didn’t want to be late for the family dinner!) and the next thing you know Mike’s poking my shoulder and I turn around and he’s bending down on a knee with the ring out!! I screamed “Oh my god!” and something like “are you serious” or “are you kidding” – I can’t remember, and Mike can’t either – he says he was so nervous he can’t really remember much about the proposal so he is absolutely no help in the creation of this blog page, lol.

Anyway, he said “Linda, will you marry me?” and I said “Yes!!!!!!!!!”

He put the ring on my finger, we hugged, we kissed, we became engaged!

The ring is pretty styling if I do say so myself. Mike’s got nice taste! Hehe. Unfortunately it was too big. (The above pictured is it in its non-resized form). I have very teeny fingers. Mike knows my size because I also have a promise ring from him (my ring size is 3 and a quarter apparently, while the average woman’s ring size is about 6 or 7!). But the Peoples Jewellers lady who sold him the ring told him they’d rather wait for me to come in and get it properly sized once instead of doing it and then maybe it’s not perfect (because too many re-sizings is bad for the ring!).

I called my family immediately – they already knew because Mike had gone and asked my parents for permission earlier that very same day! He didn’t want to wait around too long after asking them for permission either because he didn’t think that my parent’s could keep a secret for very long, haha! I texted my friends and as is the age we live in – I tweeted and announced the engagement on Facebook. Everyone was extremely supportive and very excited for us!!

Mike and I have been talking about getting married for a long time but didn’t really know when the engagement was actually going to happen. He had been saving money in his “super secret savings fund” for a long time so happy to say that the ring was paid for in full and he is in no debt because of it! (Smart guy!) So while I knew it was eventually going to happen, I absolutely had no idea it was going to happen on Christmas Eve!

Here’s a shot of the ring with the wedding band (below). I like it more than the ring alone but the band will get soldered on separately after our wedding.

So that is how Michael Brown proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2011!

– Linda