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Wedding Food: Elizabethan Catering Taste Testing Night!

I’m back!! We had put off doing a lot of wedding planning in December because we were in ‘holiday mode’ but now that we’re into the New Year, and the year that our wedding is actually taking place, I am back with a blogging vengeance and we are back full steam ahead with wedding plans!

First things first – I wanted to share about the taste testing event I went to with my mom and Mike’s mom back in November!

(Not the best iPhone photo). Mom, mom-in-law-to-be, and me at the taste testing!
(Not the best iPhone photo). Mom, mom-in-law-to-be, and me at the taste testing!

(Side note: the above photo is a very ugly iPhone photo, my new iPhone takes way better photos…) We’ve chosen Elizabethan Catering as our wedding caterer and they hold two big ‘taste testing’ events each year, once in the spring and once in the wintertime. When they do it, they basically clear out part of their big kitchen and set it up as a dining space! In November, we went to the winter taste testing to get a sample of some of the food that would be served up at our wedding.

Here’s some shots from the night:

Taste Testing Night at Elizabethan Catering!
Taste Testing Night at Elizabethan Catering!
Bacon-wrapped perogies from Elizabethan Catering. YUM!
Bacon-wrapped perogies from Elizabethan Catering. YUM!
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
Items for eating at Elizabethan Catering taste testing night.
My taste testing plate.
My taste testing plate.

Overall it was a tasty evening. Some of the dishes we tried included prime rib, chicken chasseur duo ‘supreme,’ hand-cut roasted chicken, cabbage rolls, perogies, (bacon-wrapped perogies!), Swedish meatballs, seasonal vegetables, button mushrooms, various salads and delicious ‘fancy’ desserts!

I was most surprised by how delicious (and cute) the desserts were because I typically don’t eat desserts or sweets but I wanted to sample these and I pretty much devoured them.

Great desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!
Great desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!
Cutest (and super tasty) desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!
Cutest (and super tasty) desserts from Elizabethan Catering!!

Our original wedding menu included perogies but after the taste testing we decided to alter the order to be bacon-wrapped perogies because the ones we tasted that night were so good.

Mike didn’t come to the event because we had originally thought he’d be working out of town for it, but when it turned out he was in town, we didn’t want to drop one of the mothers from the guest list (the taste testing event only allows a total of 3 people in the party).

Our caterer, Elizabethan recently got on Twitter too @ElizCatering! I gave them a few Twitter tips (maybe in the future I can give them more Twitter tips in exchange for a discounted catering fee? Lol just kidding…)

With our big stuff booked (venue, caterer) it’s all downhill from here! Nine more months until the Big Day! Later today, we are meeting with a travel agency to discuss honeymoon destination options along with setting up our honeymoon gift registry. Bridal Fantasy is taking place on Jan. 20 that I’ll be attending with my bridesmaids. I’m going to be ordering my wedding dress online sometime this month and Amanda and Christine – Mike’s sister and her friend who have signed on to help me plan the rest of the wedding – have been tasked with looking up flower companies and options for our wedding flowers.

The ball is rolling!!!!! That’s the latest update. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… but you can expect wedding blog posts to become more consistent now that plans have started up again.

– Linda

Wedding Favours: Two Peas in a Pod!

Since my last post about how important wedding favours are, I’ve been convinced that we should be providing them at our wedding.

That being said I still didn’t want to spend that much money on the favours so I’ve been browsing different do-it-yourself favour ideas and finally came across one that would be extremely inexpensive and oh so cute!

Introducing the “two peas in a pod” wedding favour!

I got the idea off of Martha Stewart Weddings.

The photos they provide on the site are so small it’s hard to see the details but I can picture it perfectly! Basically you would put two round candies (mints or chocolates) together wrapped in green tissue paper and glued to a small piece of cardboard that would be the base. Then you take more green tissue paper and wrap it around the peas and cardboard and twist it at the ends. You attach it to a card with a custom design/lettering/etc. and you’ve got your cute peas in a pod favours! The images pictured show more yellow-y tissue paper than I’d prefer. Imagine it green for our wedding purposes.

We could buy the round mints/candies/chocolates in bulk which wouldn’t cost much at all. Tissue paper and cardboard would be extremely cheap and then I could photoshop the design of the cards and print like eight per page on card stock from Staples or somewhere at a low cost as well. I’d have my bridesmaids sit with me and put it all together one night and then we’ve got ourselves really cute, really cheap wedding favours!!

I love the idea!!

Obviously there’s still a long time to go till the wedding so I may stumble upon other (better?) ideas but so far this is the winner. I may also put extra mints/chocolates on the table so that people can eat those and leave the “peas” alone because if they wanted to keep it as a memory of our wedding it’d be kind of sad looking without the peas, lol.

So what do you think??? :)

– Linda

Wedding Invitations: Custom Photo Postage Stamps!

 Did you know Canada Post offers custom photo stamps?

I didn’t, until Mike’s mama saw it was on an envelope she had received. She looked into it online and found that you can upload a custom photo onto Canada Post’s Picture Postage website and then order them for your use. Seems unnecessary for day-to-day postage but it’s a really cute idea for using on wedding invitations!

Canada Post's Picture Postage

You get the choice of four different styles. It’s a really simple process – upload and crop. I did a test run to see what it would look like:

Testing out Canada Post's Picture Postage

And I have to say it looks really, really cute!

 Pricing-wise you can get a full sheet of 40 stamps for about $40. I put in that we’d need 3 sheets that came out to a total of $120.90 but in reality we’d probably need more than 3 sheets because some of the envelopes we’d be mailing out would require at least two stamps. At 5 sheets it’s about $201.50.

(Click here to see the price list.)

If we’re trying to cut costs, custom photo stamps would definitely be one of the first things cut. While we look adorable in postage stamp form (hehe), $200 is about the max that I’m hoping to spend doing up the actual invitations so to spend that much on stamps alone would be quite the frivolous expense.

Still it is definitely worth noting and definitely worth blogging about! For those without major wedding budget constraints this would be a really great touch to add to your invites.

So have you ever received a wedding invitation (or any piece of mail) with a custom photo stamp? What’d you think? And would you want to have these on the wedding invitations you mail out?

Let me know what you think! :)

– Linda

Wedding Favours: How important are they, really?

 My mind has been on wedding favours lately.

The main train of thought being, how important are they, really?

Usually wedding favours are very small, very simple things, that quite honestly end up being tossed out or tucked away never to be seen or used again. Am I right? In the case of candy or chocolate favours, they get gobbled up and then they’re gone. I don’t think people will base their thoughts on your wedding around what the wedding favours were and I’ve been wondering how expendable they are.

Wedding Favour Candies.Photo courtesy: www.alittlefavor.com

For such a small take-away item, the cost for wedding favours adds up. At $5 a favour, which I believe would be on the more costly side, you’d be dropping $1,000 on the favours for a wedding of 200 (which is our maximum number of guests we’d like to have at our wedding). A thousand bucks for candy or an ornament no one will use seems a bit silly to me! And yes, you can get like 30 cent, 50 cent, etc. favours, but then it’s like, how crappy or tacky would they be at that price?

Wedding favour shot glasses. Photo Courtesy: orchid2011.blogspot.com

I did an unofficial control room poll at work on Saturday featuring three men of varying age ranges lol, who all asked “What are wedding favours?” in response to my “do you guys think wedding favours are important?” question. See. Unnecessary expense that no one really cares about! (based on 3 people’s opinions lol).

The way I also figure it is that we’re renting a photobooth for sure. Therefore our guests will be able to take unlimited photobooth photos home with them! That in itself I feel counts as wedding favours! And wedding favours that people will actually enjoy and actually keep – because who doesn’t like looking at, showing others, and keeping photos of themselves? Especially in cute photobooth form.

Photobooth Wedding Favours! Photo courtesy: www.flashworksphotobooth.com

So fun right? :) I’m leaning towards scrapping random wedding favours and just making the photobooth pictures everyone can take home the wedding favours. Fair? I think so! It would save us up to $1,000!!! That’s huge…

But Mike says we have to at least leave some chocolates on the table for guests, which in that case I would opt for Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses. I am not a huge fan of chocolate but Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses are one of my favourites. And I think we would be able to get them in bulk for a pretty reasonable price.

Hershey's Hugs & Kisses. Photo Courtesy: kaboodle.com

But then can you just leave the kisses scattered on the table like that? Or would we need to put it in some pretty wedding-type of packaging? In that case while the chocolates might be cheap, we’d have to shell out a bit more for the packaging which would bring us back to that $1,000 for wedding favours number…

Fancy wedding packaging for Hersheys Favours. Photo courtesy: weddingbycolor.com

But what do you think? Do you even care about wedding favours? Have you kept any you’ve gotten at weddings you’ve been to? Would having favours or not (or having bad ones) make or break a wedding? Would you be unimpressed?! Would you consider photobooth pictures a decent wedding favour?

Do you think I’m being cheap? We’re going to have to find areas to cut costs in this wedding and I just feel like the favours could be one of those areas.

Let me know what you think! :)

– Linda

Honeymoon Bridal Registries: The Classy Way of Saying We Want Your Money!

If there’s one thing Mike and I make clear to everyone we talk to when the topic of wedding gifts come up, it’s the fact that we don’t want pots and pans. We don’t want a toaster. We don’t want a gift card to Homesense. We just want money, lol. I think in this day and age a lot of couples already live together before they get married, so a lot of the time they’ll have most of the things they need or want for their house already. At the rate that our estimated wedding budget is looking – we are really just hoping to get enough money back from our guests to break even. Of course that’s if we’re lucky lol or if we have really generous guests!

But it would be extremely tasteless to put on our invitations that we just want money for a wedding gift so what we’ve been looking at is doing a honeymoon bridal registry! Based on some Google searches, honeymoon bridal registries have been “catching on” for years. I call it the “classy way of saying we want your money” because it is basically friends and family putting money into a fund that pays off our honeymoon plus any money leftover goes straight into our pockets!

So for people who would typically contribute to a registry, this will be perfect. And then for those older guests who would just give cash or cheques in wedding cards, they can still do that.

Either way we’re not getting toasters! lol.

So I’ve looked around and we will likely be setting up our honeymoon bridal registry with either Farlie Travel (based out of St. Albert) or Flight Centre.


I have actually spoken to the wedding specialist with Farlie so as of now I’m leaning towards them. She was very helpful – I like the way the registry is set up. It’s super simple and straight forward, people can use PayPal to pay online or they can call the agency to put money into the registry over the phone. She told me if you’re planning on doing a honeymoon bridal registry you should just stick to that one registry because she’s found some people also register with say The Bay or a more typical registry store and then most people end up contributing to the other store and not the honeymoon. Why? Because although honeymoon bridal registries continue to “catch on” – it’s still unfamiliar to most. So don’t even give people the option of giving you a toaster!! lol.

It’s also great because they don’t charge you anything extra for having a registry with them – they just take the money that the trip ends up costing. As I wrote above, anything leftover goes straight to us. The factor that will probably be the deciding one will be whether or not Farlie’s trips are cheaper than Flight Centre’s (and vice versa). We still have some research to do- and also we’ve still got a lot of time. Although I do wonder if we set it up a year and a half in advance if people could just contribute money into it for our upcoming birthday and Christmas gifts… Interesting thought!

I suppose even if we do end up getting a physical, boxed/wrapped gift, we will still appreciate it (And everyone obviously gets thank you cards! lol) but we are hoping that word spreads that we kind of just want the money. Also I think actual gifts are for bridal showers and stuff, are they not?

Either way, the honeymoon bridal registry is definitely more our thing. (Which is why when we attended the Bridal Conference I tried avoiding all of the The Bay, Bed Bad & Beyond, etc. kind of booths. Even though all of their representatives tried to get me to sign up with them!!)

And if you are wondering, we don’t have our honeymoon spot nailed down quite yet. I kind of want to do a whole European trip but Mike is more into the beach, all-inclusive idea. In the end we’ll likely pick the one that’s cheaper, lol.

So what are your thoughts on honeymoon bridal registries? Or normal registries? Which do you prefer? Which would you prefer if you were a guest at a wedding? And do you have any honeymoon spot suggestions?!

– Linda :)