Wedding Decorations: Do-it-Yourself: Wooden Centrepieces, Twigs & More!

We are going full-steam ahead with our wooden/burlap/rustic theme and I must thank Pinterest & Etsy for all of my ideas!

The key thing is that Pinterest & Etsy has provided me with a ton of great ideas – but I plan on DIY-ing most of it. The vision – a lot of burlap and a lot of wooden slices/wooden slabs/wooden holders.

I am looking at sliced wood pieces for bases for both the table centrepieces as well as the cake stand.

Rustic wooden centrepieces!

These rustic wooden centrepieces (above) are listed at $59.95 for a set of 5 on Etsy. Talk about expensive!! My first thought is that, come on, how hard can it be to cut down a tree somewhere in the country and make our own slices? I did get some skeptical, questionable remarks when I suggested this to a few people, but when I told Mike – he said it would be no problem!!!

“We’ll cut down a tree out by mom and dad’s place in the summer,” he said. “It’ll be easy.”


Rustic Wooden Cake Stand

The above image is a bit thicker and taller a wooden cake stand than I’d prefer but you get the idea. This one (below) is also very nice, and featuring the more thinly-sliced wood pieces that I prefer.

Rustic Wooden Cake Stand

Mike & I don’t consider the cake part of our wedding to be a big deal. We would be okay with a very tiny cake maybe on top of a piece or two of fake cake for presentation purposes. I honestly care more about the cake stand at this point than the cake itself, lol.

We haven’t decided what exactly we want on top of our wooden sliced centrepiece yet, but I know I want TWIGS! just some green flowers, and perhaps this smaller wooden slice with our initials burned in like in the image below:

Rustic Wooden Centrepiece

I love the look and feel of twigs as a centrepiece though:


There may be a candle or two on the centrepiece itself, but the plan for candles is actually to spread out a number of candles across the table. Our tables at the Old Timers’ Cabin are rectangular and long, not circular and round. So we’ll be placing candles down the table. It will likely be tealight candles, and they will be put in another wooden piece – wooden tealight candle holders!

Similar to the below image, but not as tall:

Wooden Tealight Candle Holders

Now those ones are $29.95 for a set of 12 on Etsy. Which isn’t too bad I suppose, but Mike assures me that we can make these wooden holders ourselves too. I think the sliced wooden centrepieces will be a lot easier, but the candlelight holders will be doable!

Our table runner will be BURLAP! Similar to this image (below). You’ll also notice in the below image there are wooden log pieces as centrepieces as well. I am not sure if we will be going with different shape/heights yet but it’s not an idea we’re turning down at this time – as I think the below picture looks great. (Notice there are also TWIGS!)

Rustic Burlap Table Runner, Twigs and Log Centrepiece

And last (for now) are the burlap chair ties! I am in love with this burlap chair tie look (below) but it may not look exactly the same for us because the chairs at the Old Timers’ Cabin aren’t wooden and aren’t shaped like the image below which means we may have to get white chair covers first and then tie it with burlap.

Rustic Burlap Chair Tie

Love the look!!!!

I really am in love with the rustic, wooden look. This would have been the style I wanted had we done an outdoorsy backyard-like wedding but I think it works even better now in the Old Timers’ Cabin which obviously will work with wooden and rustic since it’s literally a wooden cabin! Add lots and lots and lots of twinkly lights and I think our reception space is going to look beautiful.

We’ll be using these lights (in the below image), just your typical Christmas kind of lights. We won’t be laying it out like this image, I just wanted to include a lights picture to tie all the wood and burlap together. The way the Old Timers’ Cabin is set up, there are wooden logs all over the ceiling so we intend on WRAPPING the lights around the wooden logs. :)


Just lovely. I am really excited. I LOVE the wood, the burlap, the twigs, the candles, the lights. And I love that we’ll be attempting all the wood decorations Do-it-Yourself style. (That will also provide fodder for future wedding blog posts! Ha).

So what do you think of all this wood? Twigs? Tealight candles?

Do you have any suggestions? Tweaks? Have you been a wedding with a similar style? Did you love it?

ALSO I think at this point I should be changing this blog to read ‘Mike & Linda’s Rustic Wedding’ not ‘Royal’ Wedding, although I guess royals could still do rustic weddings, lol.

P.S. You can always follow along with what ideas I’m interested in on my PINTEREST Wedding Board! 

– Linda


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  • Carolyn Truong
    March 3, 2013 - 2:31 pm | Permalink

    It is crazy how similar are tastes are Linda! These are beautiful ideas!

  • Nadine
    April 1, 2013 - 7:37 am | Permalink

    Hi Linda! Your blog has helped my fiance and I tremendously and we have very similiar tastes!! I’m wonderig who you used as a caterer or if you have any suggestions???
    Thanks so much!

  • Allison
    May 11, 2013 - 11:01 pm | Permalink

    I came across your blog because I was looking for inspiration for decorating the Old Timers Cabin. Our wedding is coming up on July 20th and you and I both have very similar visions! Make sure you look on Kijiji for a lot of the items you’re looking for. That’s where I have found a lot!

    I saw that you’re looking for rustic cake stands and I came across these:

    I also found these:

    I will also be selling a lot of things after my wedding such as burlap signs, hanging string lights, mason jars, rustic card box, table numbers, etc. so I can keep in touch with you if you’re interested!

    Congratulations and happy planning! Great blog!

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