Wedding Playlist: Pachelbel – Canon in C

I have always loved Pachelbel’s Canon. Years ago when I was in my Korean music/movie-loving phase (lol, believe me, it’s a phase that many people go through!), I watched a movie called “My Sassy Girl.” In it, the main girl of which the main guy falls in love with, plays Pachelbel’s Canon in C in her piano class as he delivers her a rose and they kiss on the stage. Very beautiful moment! The song has stuck with me ever since that moment. Mike has also made me a CD in the past featuring various versions of Pachelbel’s Canon as well. It’s very Wedding Playlist-worthy!

Consider it added to Mike & Linda’s Royal Wedding Playlist!

– Linda

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  • Jas
    January 15, 2012 - 11:32 am | Permalink

    You even put this on a CD you made for me when I moved to Ponoka! I loved it <3

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