Wedding Venue: We chose one but construction may send us back to square one!

The clock is officially ticking down to exactly one year until the wedding day! We’ve selected July 27, 2013 as our wedding date and we basically chose our venue back in January.

Back at that time we had secured the date with the Mayfield Inn. We chose the Mayfield because we felt they offered a lot of lovely and convenient things that we wanted for our special day. They offered an outdoor-style garden indoors – where we wanted to have our ceremony. They had a ballroom space big enough for the amount of guests we were planning on inviting. They offered discounted room rates that would be perfect for our out-of-town guests and guests who would want to stay there after the wedding. They set up and tear down and the price point was pretty fair.

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At that time it was still more than a year and a half until our wedding date so while we were able to put our names down for first dibs on the date, it wasn’t officially secured until at least one year in advance which is when they actually take deposits.

I emailed the Mayfield’s wedding coordinator this week to ask her when we could set up a time to get the ball rolling on official deposits, etc. since the one year away mark was quickly approaching. And that’s when I got the bad news!

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Apparently the Mayfield is planning construction/renovations for 2013 and they’re not sure exactly what the reno sechedule is looking like yet or what section of the hotel would be impacted, but it may or may not affect our booking but Mayfield can’t confirm any bookings until at least the end of August when the renovation/construction schedule comes out officially.

TRAGIC!!!! :(

Now I am almost 100% positive that they wouldn’t do constructions during popular summer wedding season so I feel like if it’s 2013 renovations, it’d be in the early months of the year.

Still … I am very worried.

I felt like we were ahead of the game having secured the date we wanted at the venue we wanted and now, even though it might not affect us, I feel like I have to look into backup options because it just wouldn’t be smart if I didn’t. Now I’m frazzled because there are only four Saturday’s in July and if I had already secured our July date with the Mayfield so far in advance, I imagine other brides-to-be would have done this as well so if we try to switch over to other venues I fear our date will already have been taken. It’s been such a busy week too so I haven’t even had time to look into other venue options except for a quick browse on my phone and that just got me feeling a bit more depressed because I was running into venue issues that I ran into back when I was searching in January!

On the bright side I feel like this is good because maybe we chose the Mayfield too quickly? Maybe this gives us the opportunity to explore more options and find something better. I have always wanted an outdoor wedding but wasn’t thrilled about risking weather, renting tents and setting up so much of it ourselves, but maybe we can take a closer look at the feasibility of the outdoor wedding now that this wrench has been thrown into our venue plans. Lisa, my maid of honour has a backyard big enough to accommodate an outdoor wedding, perhaps we should be seeing if that would work now?

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I honestly hope the renovations don’t impact our date but we won’t know for sure until the end of August.

Until then I will look at back up options but I have to say I’m really disappointed that we’ve been sent back to square one for this when we thought we were super ahead of the game!

– Linda